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The overarching vision of the YMCA capital development program includes a multi-phased approach with projects across our entire community. From renovations to new facilities, healthcare partnerships and partnerships with nonprofits and community organizations, this vision will result in greater impact around community health, serving our youth, our families and our seniors, not just by changing lives, but by saving lives.

Projects will total more than $100 million, including the healthcare collaborations and other partnerships that are part of the overall vision. Phase 1 includes Garden Ranch, East Side and Downtown. As we move into the future Camp Shady Brook, Fountain, Tri-Lakes, Briargate, Westside and a Fieldhouse are all projected in the scope of our partnerships and vision.

Garden Ranch YMCA

Capital Garden Ranch

The Garden Ranch Y has been a part of the Colorado Springs community for over 31 years, serving close to 10,000 people with a significant population of seniors whose lives are enhanced through social outlets and therapeutic wellness programs. Due to the affordable housing market in this area, many young families are now moving into the area again, making this a truly intergenerational YMCA. Garden Ranch has been experiencing a decline in membership and program enrollment as a result of an aging facility in need of repair and updated, relevant space for the community to connect.

Needs being addressed through this renovation include:

Visibility and accessibility for seniors and families to get in and around the YMCA through a new entrance. Many people in the community are not aware of the Garden Ranch YMCA due to the entrance not being visible and matured landscaping covering signage. The exterior is brick that does not command attention from the road and therefore many people drive by without realizing a YMCA is in their neighborhood.

Intentional social areas that will bring people together, build a sense of community and provide opportunities for all generations to connect will be met through a major lobby renovation and dedicated areas for group exercise and wellness. New areas will allow for innovative programming to take place which is currently restricted due to lack of available rooms. From card games to Zumba or weightlifting, the new lobby, group exercise and wellness areas will bring the Garden Ranch community together to focus on their spirit, mind and body.

Added safety for youth, families and populations with special needs with the addition of new family changing rooms. Providing families an opportunity to prepare their child for swim lessons in a dedicated space when multiple children are involved or a parent of the opposite sex than the child will accommodate the growing needs of a community where young families are moving back into the area. As a leader in teaching young people to swim, it is imperative families feel safe and supported through their entire swimming experience.

Enhanced efficiency through infrastructure changes. As the facility aged, equipment began to fail. The Y strategically put off varying components of repair, not wanting to spend money on areas that would soon be renovated.  The overall infrastructure upgrades will bring the Garden Ranch YMCA to a state of the art facility serving the center of Colorado Springs

Eastside YMCA

Capital East Side

Based on a market study completed in 2012, this area of town along the Powers corridor is home to more than 84,000 households and is growing at about twice the national average. The households are a mix of young families and seniors. Although this part of our community is where much of the growth is taking place, there are not many options for youth and families to engage in community activity outside of restaurants and shopping. Youth need a positive, constructive place to thrive and families need a place to connect into their community. As more seniors move into the area, recreational and social activities will be needed to serve this population, allowing opportunities to volunteer, work or just engage with new friends.

The 2012 market study showed needs in this community a new YMCA would address included:

Affordable health and wellness options are the highest need in this community for people of all ages. Currently the three largest non-Y fitness facilities have a market share of 2.3% to 2.6% in this market compared to a 4%+ market share for both the Downtown Y and Southeast Y. A convenient location with program inclusion will support the intergenerational needs of this community.

Youth programming in the hours outside of school providing academic and leadership support as well as physical activity to keep our young people active is needed. We know the development of our youth is the foundation for strong leaders in the future.

The Powers corridor is home to many military families living off base and commuting to Ft. Carson, Schriever and Peterson Air Force Base for work. Many support systems provided on base are still available but not convenient to those living off base. The need for a place to connect with other families in the community, provide respite care during deployment and stressful times and connect with others in similar situations is high in this part of town.

If a new YMCA were to be built in this area, the market study showed it will be one of the most successful YMCAs in the Pikes Peak region without pulling significantly from the other locations.

Downtown YMCA

Capital Downtown

Building on the 137-year history and legacy of the Downtown Y, it is time to reinvest to make this Y relevant to the needs of today’s families and seniors while also preparing for the needs of the future. The downtown community is home to many young families and a growing population of seniors, which is common throughout our community. As city leadership looks to revitalize Downtown Colorado Springs, enticing more businesses and professionals to call the Pikes Peak Region home, a strong Downtown YMCA will contribute to the foundation of success. Currently, there is an aging facility, with many needs from infrastructure to accessibility and safety. Now is the time to invest and make the Downtown YMCA a state-of-the-art facility, anchoring our downtown community.

Needs being addressed through this renovation include:

  • Currently there is no direct way to enter the pool other than through the locker room. There are constraints for populations with special needs, parents bringing a child of the opposite sex to swim lessons.
  • This also leaves older youth unsupervised. New family locker rooms and an open entry into the aquatics center will address key safety and accessibility concerns.
  • A wellness center located in the basement of the building provides challenges for accessibility for many populations, including those with injuries working on their rehabilitation, seniors with arthritis or those utilizing mobile assistance. Bringing the wellness center to the main level of the new YMCA will allow more people to take advantage of the services offered to focus on their overall health.
  • Dedicated multi-functional space that could be used by seniors during the day and young people/teens by night, First Presbyterian on the weekends prior to opening or any combination that meets the needs of the community. Growth of our overall community requires additional space needs, and adding dedicated space outside in addition to group exercise areas will bring opportunities for social engagement of all ages, leadership and mentoring opportunities and a home away from home for all.
  • Aquatic center and gymnasium upgrades to serve the growing needs of all ages from swim lessons to water exercise, pickleball to youth basketball and so much more.
  • Enhanced efficiency through infrastructure changes. Just like the Garden Ranch YMCA, the Downtown facility is aging and needs help to continue to grow. The Y strategically put off varying components of repair, not wanting to spend money on areas that would soon be renovated. The overall infrastructure upgrades will make the Downtown YMCA a state-of-the-art facility serving downtown Colorado Springs and infusing the revitalization of the overall downtown community for our city.
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